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Registration Information

Rules and Requirements

  • Proof of age is required for all youth players prior to first game.
  • Players must be able to produce  player ID ( Shelbyville Indoor Soccer) . Ineligible players will result in an automatic forfeit. 
  • Proof of age includes any form of Tennessee State ID, driver’s license, passport, school ID with birth date, birth certificate, and/or player pass.
  • All players must be completed the Player Registration form and Liability Waiver within 48 hours of game start time in order to be eligible for league play.
  •  Each player must present a player ID to the referee before they are allowed to enter the game. During the check-in procedure.
  • Goalies are not required to have numbers.
  • All Adult teams are required to have numbers on shirts for every game.  Numbers may be taped on shirt if necessary.

NEW Adult Rules

  • All Adult players must present player ID to the referee prior to kick-off.
  • Violent conduct will not be tolerated. Players may be suspended for more than one game or suspended from the league if the director deems appropriate.
  • All Red cards will be kept on record. Repeat occurrences of red cards by the same player may result in multi game or season suspension.
  • Team who is not be able to play , will be responsable for paying the game fee ($140.00).The game will be recorded as a 3-0 win for the team who is present in the field. 


  • All coaches must  submit the Team registration form before the 1st game of the tournament.

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