Facility Rules

Shelbyville Indoor Soccer (SIS)

  • Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. The property owners, league operators and staff of Shelbyville Indoor Soccer assume no liability for any injuries or accidents, which may occur. Please reference the Release of Liability/Assumption of Risk Agreement Form and Signs within the facility.
  • Conduct within the facility should be in the spirit of good sporting behavior.
  • Please no alcohol or drug use prior to or during play. Doing so will result in ejection from the facility.
  • If you find or lose any item, please report it immediately to an SIS employee. We do not assume responsibility for any lost items.
  • No food, drinks, chewing tobacco, chewing gum or cleats are permitted on playing surface.
  • No sunflower seeds or similar type products are permitted in the facility.
  • No glass containers on the field or in the player boxes.
  • No videotaping or photo taking from the player boxes. You may video tape or take photos from the stands.
  • All play must be conducted as set forth in the Shelbyville Indoor Soccer LAWS OF THE GAME.
  • We reserve the right to refuse play and/or service to anyone Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • Anyone fighting within the arena or on the facility property will be subject to termination of membership, and may face civil or criminal charges.
  • Acts of God, civil unrest or other circumstances both foreseeable and unforeseeable may prevent completion of a game or session. In the event that SIS is responsible for an incomplete session and if completion of a game or session cannot be concluded in a reasonable period of time, SIS’s liability will under no circumstances exceed a prorated return of the team registration fees minus any non-refundable deposits.
  • Any player or coach receiving a red card must immediately leave the facility.
  • The team manager, coach or team representative is responsible for the conduct of all team players, parents, spectators, fans, etc.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Please do not allow them to stand on chairs or tables to watch games. Parents are financially responsible for any damage done to SIS property by their children.

Guidelines and Policies Membership

  • Membership to SIS is open to all members of the community. Completing the Release of Liability/Assumption of Risk Form and paying the annual membership fee can obtain an SIS membership. Membership entitles the player to utilize the facility as a registered team player league play, participate in the practice sessions, tournaments, clinics, open pick-up games and other activities. Membership may be revoked at the discretion of SIS Management. Release of Liability/Assumption of Risk Agreement.
  • No individual will be allowed to participate in any league games, practice session, tournament, clinic, open pick-up game, or other activities unless a release form has been properly completed and signed.


• Indoor flat soled or turf soccer shoes are required (No studded/screw in shoes).  Teams MUST be dressed in matching colored jerseys (shirts).  Permanent numbers are required.  

• Shin guards are required.

• Each team must present a game ball prior to the start of play or may be subject to forfeit.

Laws of the Game

• The Laws of the Game followed at Shelbyville Indoor Soccer  are as set forth in the United States Indoor Soccer Association Official Indoor Soccer Rules, unless otherwise specified.  Please read the SIS Laws of the Game.

Sporting Behavior

  • Individuals are expected to play under control and within the rules of the game, and to the best of their ability, will avoid causing injury to themselves and other persons using the facility.
  • In the event of an on or off-field altercation, it is the coaches, referee and facility manager responsibility to intervene and divide both players.
    • As a result, all players involved will receive a suspension contingent upon a decision given from the SIS staff.
  • Shelbyville Indoor Soccer has a zero-tolerance policy for fighting, abusive language, discrimination or any unsportsmanlike behavior. Committing this violation may result in suspension or permanent expulsion from the facility.

Referee Staff

  • Shelbyville Indoor Soccer’s management would like to reiterate that referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority, and their decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final.
  • Complaints regarding officials should be submitted in writing and contain points of fact. DO NOT DISCUSS OFFICIATING OR THE OFFICIALS WITH THE FACILITY STAFF DURING OR IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING YOUR GAME.
  • A request to not have a specific referee for you game may be made to the front desk but reassignment of referee is not guaranteed.

New Adult Rules

  • All Adult players must present player ID to the referee prior to kick-off.
  • Violent conduct will not be tolerated. Players may be suspended for more than one game or suspended from the league if the director/commissioner deems appropriate.
  • All red cards will be kept on record. Repeat occurrences of red cards b the same player may result in multi-game or season suspension.


  • Proof of age is required for all youth players prior to first game.
  • Players must be able to produce player ID (Shelbyville Indoor Soccer). Ineligible players will result in an automatic forfeit.
  • Proof of age includes any form of Tennessee State ID, driver’s license, passport, school ID with birth date, birth certificate, and/or player pass.
  • All players must be complete the Player Registration Form and Liability Waiver within 48 hours of game start time in order to be eligible for league play.
  • Each player must preset a player ID to the referee before they are allowed to enter the game.
  • Goalies are not required to have numbers.

*All adult teams are required to have numbers on shirts for every game. Numbers may be taped on shirt if necessary*

Player Rosters

• After the third game of the session, a total of three (3) player changes are allowed: One injury as proved by the presentation of a doctor’s note, and two discretionary changes.

• Replacing players during the week of playoffs is not allowed. All players must have played at least 3regular game in the session to be eligible for playoffs.

Levels of Competition

Shelbyville Indoor Soccer reserves the right to make the necessary changes within league divisions to ensure an equal level of ability and competition.

Player Boxes

  • All coaches must submit the Team registration form before the first game of the tournament.
  • NEW RULE: Coaches must take out/substitute any player from a game that is experiencing anger, dirty or foul play, and/or unsportsmanlike behavior. This is to ensure safety for all players participating in the game.
    • Referees have the authority to give the offender a YELLOW card. This is for the safety of everyone involved as well as coverage for any legal matters that may arise.
    • Only players and coaches (2) are allowed in the player boxes during league games. Family, friends and guests are required to remain in designated viewing areas. If an unauthorized player or coach is in the box and refuses to leave, the officials will stop the game until the offender leaves, and the team will be awarded a time penalty.

Warming Up

  •  There is limited space to warm up before your game. You may only warm up on your designated field. The best thing to do is be prepared ad enter the field where your game is going to be played as soon as possible and start warming up immediately.
  • Each team will have a maximum 5 minutes to warm up before the game starts. SIS is on a strict schedule and must comply with the committed game times.

Team Check-in

  • Team Manager/Coach must give the membership cards to the Official Scorekeeper PRIOR to the start of the game. (10 min minimum)
  • Each team must only play players that our listed on the Roster Sheet which was filled out during the registration process. EVERY PLAYER MUST PLAY 3 GAMES IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR THE PLAYOFFS.


• An individual player may play on two teams provided that both teams do not enter the same playoff bracket.  For example playing in U4-6 and U7-8 is permissible. 


A player may switch teams only once during the first  week of the session.  For instance, if a  player signs up on a Team A and plays on Monday night, and then changes rosters and plays with a Team B on Tuesday night, that player cannot change teams again.  


• Win = 3 points             • Tie = 1 point                      • Loss = 0 points

• League games that end in a tie score after regulation play shall remain a tie game.


• The following tie breaking system order shall govern any league divisions ending in a tie at the end of the league season:

• (1st) Comparison of league record against each other.

• (2nd) Comparison of goal differential against each other.

• (3rd) Comparison of goal differential for the season.

Game Schedule & Make-Up Games

  • All league games begin at the posted game time. Players and coaches are responsible for knowing the correct time and being on the field ready to play. The 20-minute clock automatically begins at game time. Official time at SIS is that of the clock on the scoreboard. If the teams are not ready, the referee will wait five minutes while the game clock is running. One goal will be in favor of the team who is ready , every five minutes.
  • In the case of a play-off game, if there are verifiable extenuating circumstances, through no fault of the players, that cause more than 50% of a team’s roster to not be ready to play at game time. At management’s discretion, that team may be awarded a 20-minute grace period after which the game will be declared a forfeit.
    • Or the game can be rescheduled 24 hours in advance at management’s discretion.

Red Card Policy

  • There is a red card policy of $50.00. The red-carded player is responsible for paying the fee before participating in any other games.
  • A player or coach who receives a red card must immediately leave the player box and field area.
  • The player or coach may also be required to serve a suspension, as outlined below. One-game suspensions must be served for the team that the player is on when the red card is received. If a player or coach receives a red card that includes a one-game suspension and they receive the red card in the last game of a season, they will serve their suspension in the first game of the next season they register to play in, regardless of whether it is any league division.

Red Card Suspensions are as followed:

  • Red card for handball to prevent a goal-scoring opportunity = one game suspension
  • Red Card for foul or abusive language = one game suspension
  • Red Card for persisting in misconduct after having received a caution = one game suspension
  • Red card for three (2-minute) time penalties = one game suspension
  • Red Card for violent conduct or serious foul play = minimum 3 game suspension subject to further disciplinary action as decided by facility management
  • Red card for fighting before, during, or after a game – minimum ONE YEAR suspension subject to further disciplinary action as decided by facility management.
  • Red card for assaulting an official (an “Assault on an Official” shall be defined as an attempt to commit a battery upon official; and an act which is close to accomplishment shall be sufficient to constitute an assault upon an official. Local authorities will also be notified) = minimum one year suspension subject to further disciplinary action as decided by facility management.
  • Any player or coach who accumulates three (3) yellow cards within one division during one 8-week time span will be suspended for one game. If the player receives the third yellow card in the eighth (8) game of the session and the team has qualified for play-offs, the player will sit out the first game of play-offs.
    • If the team has not qualified for play-offs, the player will sit out the first game of the next season they sign up to play in.
    • Should a coach of a team be unable to control a player’s actions after a red card is issued will also be suspended as outlined above.
    • A player accumulating three red cards (as a result of an accumulation of several lesser penalties) over a one-year period will receive a minimum eight (8) week suspension further disciplinary action as decided by facility management.
    • DO NOT JUMP IN IF A FIGHT IS OCCURING ON THE FIELD! Players who jump in are subject to a red card. Allow the other players on the field and staff to break up the fight and the referee will issue red cards to the players involved in the fight.


• It is the responsibility of each player and the Team Manager/Coach be aware of the total status of their players' infractions.  Failure to comply may result in further disciplinary measures that may include suspension of the Team Manager/Coach and forfeiture of games played in. (This includes use of illegal players - those not registered properly on the team roster or not current on facility membership dues.)


• The facility management reserves the right to terminate an individual's and team's participation at the facility for violation of the facility policies as posted.


• If a team cannot play a scheduled game, the facility requires a 48-hour notice or the game will be forfeited and not re-scheduled.

  • If a team does not give a 24-48 hour notice, the team that showed must still pay their game fee in order to recieve 3 points and a victory.
    • Youth: $45 (Field #1) $55 (Field #2)
    • Adults: $55 (Field #1) $65 (Field #2)


A team forfeiting a game(s) during any one session will be subject to the following fines:

  • 1st Forfeit - $25.00 fine
  • 2nd Forfeit - $50.00 fine
  • 3rd Forfeit - Termination of team participation from the session and loss of re- registration priority.
  • Fines for forfeitures must be paid prior to a team continuing the session schedule. 


• Intention to file protest must be noted in writing immediately following the game.  

• A formal written protest with a $20.00 fee (refundable if upheld) must be submitted to SIS, within 48 hours after the end of the game.  ONLY A VIOLATION OF THE LAWS OF THE GAME, RULES OR GUIDELINES OF THE FACILITY AS PUBLISHED ARE MATTERS FOR PROTEST. 

•  Protests regarding fielding of illegal players must be brought to the attention of the game officials prior to the suspected player(s) leaving the field of play.


• SIS (Shelbyville Indoor Soccer)DOES NOT supply a first aid kit for teams.  It shall be the responsibility of each Team Manager/Coach to maintain their own first-aid kit for treatment of their.

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