ONLINE REGISTRATION: Winter League Registration Form (jotform.com)

Please email all questions/concerns to shelbyvilleindoorsoccer@gmail.com!


* Team Registration Form

* Player Registration Form

Requiments to register a player:

  1. Copy, proof of age (Birth Cert., Insurance card, etc...)
  2. Shelbyville Indoor Soccer Waiver signed by parent or guardian if under 18yrs.
  3. Registration Fee, must be pay before tournament starts.

* Coaches, please verify that all your players meet the age required  for the category where they participate.


ONLY, Coaches are allowed to received information about other teams players.
If parents need information about any player participating at this Facility please contact your team Coach for additional information.

Thank you SIS

Jan. 3, 2018

Practice NOTICE:

All scheduled practice times are for the team that it is scheduled for ONLY. The players on the field should always match the players on your team's roster. If you need to practice 2 or more teams, you can either rent the second field available or pay to have the second team added to the practice time.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

League U11-12 Staring this weekend

League 13-14 Staring this weekend

Female League Last Weekend friendly

NOTICE: Any employee from Shelbyville Indoor Soccer, may ask for Waiver to any player who is participating at this facility.

Every player must sign a Waiver Release form before his first time playing at this facility.

ATENCION: Los empleados de Shelbyville Indoor Soccer, podran pedir la forma Legal de Liberacion Accidente a cualquier jugador que participa en este establecimiento en cualquier momento.

Todos los jugadores deven firmar la Forma Legal de Liberacion de Accidente, antes de su primera participacion en este establecimiento.



 Coaches, be aware of: 

Players who are over the limit age category, playing a game, team will automatically lose the game with score of 1 point for the opposite team and 0 for your team. PLEASE HELP US TO ENFORCE THE RULES. All children are equal at this Leagues.
Thank you very much for your Hard work and time you giving to the children and we like to apologizes in advance for any mistakes that may occur or has been happen, in the past.
We will be working harder for the best of our children.


This is a reminder of a RULE :
Public and  Coaches  have to respect the players and Referees, no Bad language allowed.
WE will start enforcing this RULE , please be advise that maybe a Manager, employee, president of the league will ask you to leave the premises as a consequence  of this VIOLATION.

There will be no inappropriate language of any kind in our facilities. Any use of profanity will result in a 1 week suspension. If it occurs again you will be suspended for the rest of the season. We understand that everyone is competitive but our program is designed for the enjoyment of the players, especially the children. Please be considerate of the rules, opposing team, employees, and facility.



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