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 *Shelbyville Indoor Soccer strives to ensure a safe, fun soccer experience. Violent conduct won’t be taken lightly and we reserve the right to expel and/or ban any player from this facility who continuously demonstrates poor sportsmanship, violent conduct and/or is abusive towards others. You are responsible for your own actions.

Team Information

  1. 4 Players plus goalie.
  2. Coed teams must have 3 women on the field at all times (keeper is included) if short than team plays short players. (i.e. if you have one women, you would play3 guys, 1 women.The other team does not need to play short players if they are legal.
  3. Minimum Number of Players to Start Match: 4, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper
  4. Minimum Number of Players to Finish Match: 3
  5. Substitution Limit: None
  6. Substitution Method: "On the Fly" (all players but the goalkeeper enter and leave as they please; goalkeeper substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play and with a referee’s consent)
  7. Every team must appoint a captain, only the captain can file a complaint.
  8. Roster freeze: In order for a player to be eligible for playoffs he/she must be signed up and have played in three regular season game.

Player Rosters

  • COMPLETED TEAM REGISTRATION FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO FIRST GAME. All participants must be listed on the form with signatures provided for release of liability.
  • Rosters MUST be kept up to date- coaches are responsible for updating any changes on their team's roster with the administration.
  • All players must have played at least 3 regular games in the season to be eligible for playoffs. Replacing players during the week of playoffs is not allowed.

Players’ Uniform & Equipment
Numbered shirts that all match in color, shorts, socks, protective shin guards and indoor soccer footwear with rubber soles. Team must have matching colored shirts and full soccer attire. NO CLEATS.

Levels of Competition

Shelbyville Indoor Soccer reserves the right to make the necessary changes within league divisions to ensure an equal level of ability and competition.

Team Areas

  • All coaches must are responsible for managing their team area during a match- that includes restricting the area to only players submitted on the Team registration form before the first game of the tournament.
  • Coaches must take out/substitute any player from a game that is experiencing anger, dirty or foul play, and/or unsportsmanlike behavior. This is to ensure safety for all players participating in the game.
    • Referees have the authority to give offenders a YELLOW card. This is for the safety of everyone involved as well as coverage for any legal matters that may arise.
    • Only players and coaches (2) are allowed in the player boxes during league games. Family, friends and guests are required to remain in designated viewing areas. If an unauthorized player or coach is in the box and refuses to leave, the officials will stop the game until the offender leaves, and the team will be awarded a time penalty.

Warming Up

  •  There is limited space to warm up before your game. You may only warm up on your designated field. The best thing to do is be prepared ad enter the field where your game is going to be played as soon as possible and start warming up immediately.
  • Each team will have a maximum 5 minutes to warm up before the game starts. SIS is on a strict schedule and must comply with the committed game times.


Referee Staff

  • Shelbyville Indoor Soccer’s management would like to emphasize that referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority, and their decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final.
  • Complaints regarding officials should be submitted in writing and contain points of fact. DO NOT DISCUSS OFFICIATING OR THE OFFICIALS WITH THE FACILITY STAFF DURING OR IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING YOUR GAME.

A request to not have a specific referee for you game may be made to the front desk but reassignment of referee is not guaranteed


Goalie Rules

  1. Goalie can not pick ball up from a teammate’s pass from his/her foot. (does not matter whether or not the ball hit the wall or not) (Violation of this rule results in a indirect from the spot of the foul)
  2. Goal kick is on the ground anywhere in penalty box.
  3. On a throw the ball must touch a player, board, or ground before crossing half way line. (Violation of this rule results in a indirect kick from mid-field)
  4. No Punting or dropkicks. (Violation of this rule results in an indirect kick from mid-field)

Duration of the Game

Duration: Two equal periods of 25 minutes on a running clock. Clock stops only at the discretion of the referee.

Start of Play Procedure
Coin toss followed by kickoff; opposing team waits outside center circle or 8 yards away; ball deemed in play once it has traveled the distance of its own circumference; kicker shall not touch ball before someone else touches it; ensuing kick-offs taken after goals scored and at start of second half. The kick-off is an indirect kick and does not need to travel forward first.

Ball in and out of Play

*Ball out of play: When it hits any part of the netting, roof, lights, or leaves field of play. (restart: Indirect kick at or beneath that point).

*When ball stops behind the net it is either a corner kick or goal kick depending on which team touched it last.

Kick-in and Free Kicks

  1. Kick-in to be taken in place of the throw-in.
  2. The ball is placed at the point it left the field or where the infraction occurred.
  3. The kick-in must be taken within 6 seconds after a referee has place it; if it is not, the kick-in is given to the opposing team.
  4. The kicker cannot play the ball a second time until it has been played by another player; infringement of this rule entail an indirect free kick to the opposing from the point of infringement.
  5. Players on opposing team must be at least 10ft away from point of kick-in.
  6. Cannot score directly from a kick-in.


Method of Scoring
When the whole of the ball has passed over the goal line, between the goal posts and under the crossbar (except by illegal means i.e. handball).

Fouls and Misconduct 

Direct free kick awarded when a player intentionally commits any of the following offenses (penalty kick awarded when infringement takes place in penalty area):

  1. kicking or attempting to kick an opponent
  2. tripping an opponent
  3. jumping at an opponent
  4. charging an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner
  5. charging an opponent from behind
  6. holding an opponent
  7. pushing an opponent
  8. charging an opponent with shoulder (i.e., shoulder charge)
  9. sliding at an opponent (i.e., sliding tackle)
  10. handling the ball (except goalkeeper)

Indirect free kick awarded when any of the following offenses is committed.

  1. dangerous play (e.g. attempting to kick ball held by goalkeeper)
  2. obstruction
  3. charging the goalkeeper in the penalty area (i.e., goalkeeper charge)
  4. goalkeeper throws ball directly over the halfway-line (without it first touching his own side of the pitch or any player)
  5. goalkeeper picks up or touches with his hands a kick-in or pass from a teammate

Players shall be cautioned (yellow carded) when:

  1. Foul or abusive language to referee or another player.
  2. Teasing(bulling) or talking to the opponent to distract him.
  3. A substituting player enters the pitch from an incorrect position or before the player he is substituting has entirely left the pitch.
  4. A player persistently infringes the Laws of the Game.
  5. A player shows dissent with any decision of the referee
  6. A player is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.

*These yellow-card offenses are punishable by an indirect free kick taken from the point of infringement. When the card is issued, player must leave field for a 2 minute penalty (cool down) and must wait until referee invites him/her back on field or until opposing team scores a goal. Team must continue play with one player down.

Players shall be sent off (red carded) for:

  1. Fighting or spitting
  2. serious foul play
  3. violent conduct
  4. continuous foul or abusive language
  5. Second yellow Card offense within the same match
  6. intentionally impeding a clear goal opportunity (e.g. through a "professional foul")
  7. Teasing(bulling) or talking to the opponent to distract him.

*When a red card is issued, a player must leave field immediately. Management reserves the right to expel or ban player from facility for an extended time determined by management. All red card offenses is at least a one match ban. Game continues, the team plays one player down for the rest of the game.

Penalty Kick

  1. To be taken from the penalty mark or 8 yards away
  2. The kicker is to aim at goal, with the intention of scoring.
  3. All players must be at or behind the midfield line except for the kicker and goal keeper.
  4. The kicker shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player. (If the goal keeper touches or saves the ball then the kicker may attempt the rebound as long as keeper does not have ball in his/her possession)


  • It is the responsibility of each player and the Team Manager/Coach to be aware of the total status of their players' infractions.  Intentional failure to comply may result in further disciplinary measures that may include suspension of the Team Manager/Coach and forfeiture of games played in. (This includes use of illegal players - those not registered properly on the team roster or not current on facility membership dues.)


  • If a team cannot play a scheduled game, the facility requires a 48-hour notice or the game will be forfeited and not re-scheduled.
  • If a team does not give a 48 hour notice, the present team must still pay their game fee in order to receive 3 points and a victory. The missing team must pay their game fee prior to their next match to continue participating in the league. (Youth: $65 / Adults: $70)



    1) All leagues will conclude in single-elimination playoffs (1vs8, 4vs5) (2vs7, 3vs6).

    2) In the event of a tie in a playoff match, the team with the best position in the table passes.

    3) In the event of a tie in a semi-final or final, it goes to penalty shoot out.

    ***For penalty shoot outs.......... Players who were on the field shoot first, then we move on to the rest of the roster. If still tied once everyone on the team has shot then players may take their 2nd shot in whatever order the captain prefers.



    • Win = 3 points • Tie = 1 point  • Loss = 0 points
    • League games that end in a tie score after regulation play shall remain a tie game.


    • The following tie breaking system order shall govern any league divisions ending in a tie at the end of the league season:
    • (1st) Comparison of league record against each other.
    • (2nd) Comparison of goal differential.
    • (3rd) Comparison of LEAST GOALS ALLOWED.




    1) No Food or Drink on the indoor field

    2) No checking into the walls will be tolerated. Players defending against an opponent on the wall must only shadow the player in attempt to win possession of the ball. Physical contact will be called by the referee. A player attempting to hold the ball in the corner for longer than 10 seconds will be called for delay of game.

    3) GK box is 8 yards from goal line and 1 yard from the outside of the post (extends to the back wall) *Depends on how facility lines the box but this is what we have asked of them

    4) Players must have picture ID on hand to verify they are who they say they are on the roster

    5) Each team is responsibile for bringing one game ball (size4 ball) and an alternate kit/uniform just in case both teams standard kits are the same color

    6) No Alcohol is permitted in/outside the facility .Zero tolerance on this matter.

    7) As of now only Red and Yellow cards carry over. 3 yellow cards in one season will result in one game suspension.

    8) The word or decision of the Field IS FINAL word of SIS (please send text to (931)205-3613 for any clarification rule.